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Vinyasa yoga is considered to be a wider approach to yoga which covers almost all forms and techniques of yoga. The Sanskrit word ‘Vinyasa‘ is referred as ‘arrangement’. Vinyasa Yoga teaches us various arrangements of body positions and synchronization of breathing with individual yoga posture in a particular fashion. In Vinyasa Yoga students are coordinated to move from one pose to another yoga posture in sync with the breathing and movements. In Vinyasa yoga breathing is intricately linked with Yogasana and body movements.


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5 Yoga Poses To Release Emotional Tension

“OM SHRI DHANVANTRE NAMAHA ” Meaning: “A very powerful healing and mantra for a better Health. Dhanvantari is an associate avatar of Hindu deity in Hinduism. He seems within the Vedas and Puranas because of the god of writing. during this mantra, we have a tendency to obtain his blessings for sound health for ourselves … Continue reading 5 Yoga Poses To Release Emotional Tension

Tittibhasana (firefly pose): Steps and Benefits

Tittibhasana is associated with degree arm equalization position that demands strength and determination. The name comes from the Indo-Aryan “tittibha”, that means “fly” or “insect,” and position, that means “pose.” To enter this asana, squat with the feet a little less than shoulder-width apart. Tilt the pelvis forward so the torso is between the legs. … Continue reading Tittibhasana (firefly pose): Steps and Benefits

6 Important Yoga Asanas for Healthy Heart

Today, the reality is that there is no age factor that controls heart ailments. People in their 20s are falling prey to heart attacks. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), many people die from heart disease in every year. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking are key causes of heart … Continue reading 6 Important Yoga Asanas for Healthy Heart

How to stay warm and boost your circulation ?

If cold weather is your catalyst for freezing feet and stiff legs, you’ll know all too well how difficult it can be to deal with poor circulation. Whilst layering up in socks and knitted jumpers are a couple of ways to keep out the cold, there are a few other ways to stimulate full-body circulation, … Continue reading How to stay warm and boost your circulation ?

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